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PeppermintGloom [userpic]
May selection
by PeppermintGloom (peppermintgloom)
at May 26th, 2006 (11:30 am)

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The blurb from USA Today on the cover of my book calls Burroughs "screamingly funny," so I expected this book to be laugh-out-loud funny. It wasn't. Not that it doesn't have it's moments, mind you, but it's not a laugh riot. There were several points while reading this book that I had the thought, "This man is mentally unstable." And then I would read Burroughs's own suspicions of his mental instability.

I think some of my favorite essays are "The Rat/Thing," "Beating Raoul," "Ass Burger," and my absolute favorites "I Kid You Not" and "Telemarketing Revenge." I loved "I Kid You Not" because I see myself in this one. If I discovered I had accidentally stepped on a kid's hand, I would have been out of there in a shot. And the bit on the plane? Been there. And while I haven't pulled that kind of stunt with a telemarketer, it's the kind of stunt I wish I would have pulled. I do find it ironic that he was soliciting penis pictures in this essay, while a hundred or so pages later, he was complaining about people sending him penis pictures simply because he's a gay famous person.

I did find, though, that I kept having the feeling that I was missing something by not having read Running With Scissors or Dry. All the references to things that had happened to when he was a kid living with the psychiatrist or while he was an alcoholic that didn't go into details made me crazy. On the one hand, I'm sure that's because he's already gone into all that, and people who have read the other books don't need the repeat. On the other, I'm sure it's a great way to boost sales of those other two books, don't you think?

As a side note, back in May of 2003, when I had the excellent fortune to go to Book Expo America, I got to briefly meet Augusten Burroughs. He was signing paperback copies of Running With Scissors, which had been getting very good press at the time and sounded interesting, so I dragged sophistikate over to his table and we got copies. There wasn't anyone at his table so we got to chat for a moment. He was very shy, didn't really make eye contact, and I could tell he wasn't very comfortable, so we didn't talk very long. His persona in these essays really caught me off guard because it was nothing like the guy I saw at BEA! But I have to wonder if he was waiting for one of us to tell him about the time our parents gave us a Dr. Pepper enema.


Posted by: PeppermintGloom (peppermintgloom)
Posted at: May 27th, 2006 04:05 pm (UTC)

I do think my expectations would have been very different if it weren't for that blurb. I did enjoy the book very much, but I was expecting it to be funny. Really funny, not just occasionally amusing. In actuality it was more introspective and in places almost heartbreaking in its honesty. Burroughs takes an unflinching look at himself and the things he does, which I really like. I have to wonder if the person who found this book (and maybe the blurb wasn't even about this particular book; who knows?) "screamingly funny" sort of missed the point. Or just has a really strange sense of humor. I do wonder if my opinion would have been different. Ultimately, I loved it, and probably will go back and read his other ones (or the new one, which I saw at Target in hardcover yesterday), but for the first hundred or so pages of this one, I kept thinking, "Um, where's the stuff that's screamingly funny?"

"The Rat/Thing" reminds me of the way I act when I find spiders in the bathroom. Not nearly as gross as whatever he found, but I still don't want to touch them. And after that last incident in the bathtub, I still haven't taken another bath. It's been strictly showers for me, babe.

You know, I don't even have to have read Running With Scissors to be surprised that he's able to form semi-stable relationships. Just reading the first half of this book does it. When I saw the new book last night, I checked the credits on the author photo to see if it was also taken by Dennis Pilsits, just so I could see if they were still together. I know it's not conclusive proof, but it made me happy to see that, at least at the time the dust jacket was being designed, they were still together.

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